Genealogy & Research


Genealogy & Research

In 1976 when the new Learning Resource Center was constructed on the campus of the Charles County Community College, a special room was included to house Southern Maryland history. It was then that the collections of the Historical Society of Charles County moved from the La Plata library to the studies center and also it was when Ruby Dyson became a volunteer of the Genealogy and Research Committee. The Southern Maryland Studies Center began as two small rooms that included a reading room and a work and document storage area. These areas were later renovated and enlarged to accommodate the growing collections.

Histories, genealogies, collections and printed materials were donated. It became a repository for the histories of local families and authors as well. A director was hired to be assisted by volunteers. Velva Perrygo was the Historical Society's committee chairperson when Ruby volunteered. Ruby says she was not then nor is she now a "Professional Genealogist." But she said she got hooked and is always looking for another piece of proof or documentation. Ruby says there is never enough time as genealogy is never ending. One family name keeps adding hundreds more. "So much fun, it's like an itch you keep scratching."

Over the years and continuing to today, the Historical Society of Charles County receives genealogical inquiries from researchers regarding their ancestral families who resided in Charles County. Ruby Dyson, HSCC Genealogy and Research Chairperson, answers these letters using the research facilities in the Southern Maryland Studies Center of the College of Southern Maryland.

Ruby has answered letters to the Historical Society from all over the country concerning mostly genealogy, but also research questions on old land names, old houses, etc. There are over 300 folders, some containing just one page and some with very detailed family histories. All queries are saved along with the replies.

When the inquiry is responded to, a request for a donation to the Historical Society is suggested. Copies of all correspondences are maintained in the society's files in the Southern Maryland Studies Center. The research files contain a vast amount of genealogical information and are an invaluable part of the Historical Society's collections at the studies center.


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