The preservation of Charles County's heritage has always been an important goal of the Historical Society of Charles County.  As a result, the Historical Society has transcribed over nine-thousand tombstone inscriptions, not only from public cemeteries still in use today, but also from gravesites on private, wooded property which is rapidly being lost to development and natural overgrowth.

The first cemetery committee of the Society was formed in the 1960's under the direction of Elinore K. Warren. This committee began the task of locating and transcribing tombstone inscriptions in both private and public cemeteries in Charles County.  Later, extensive work continued with the leadership of Watson Perrygo, John Hanson Mitchell and W. Preston Williams.

The present committee, under the direction of Michael J. Mazzeo, Jr., was formed in 1978 under the guidance of Velva Perrygo with the support of George C. Dyson. This work involved not only numerous members of the Historical Society and the general public, but also students from the Community Based Learning and Service Program at La Plata High School. The transcription work was completed in 1984.  A name-index of over 12,000 names from the 9,000 inscriptions was made possible through matching grants from the Charles County Heritage Commission and The Historical Society of Charles County.  It is located in the Southern Maryland Studies Center at the La Plata Campus of the College of Southern Maryland.

The Historical Society of Charles County is proud to present the results of this research. This project will not only benefit genealogists and researchers today but will preserve a part of the heritage of Charles County for many years to come.


Cemetery Committee 1978-1986

Mr. Michael J. Mazzeo, Jr., chairperson
Mr. Walter B. Huber, Jr.
Mrs. Margaret Langley
Mr. Gilbert Milstead
Mr. Spencer Milstead
Mr. W. Preston Williams
Mrs. Dorothy Wilson
Mrs. Anita Wood



Mr. Carlisle Abell
Mrs. Richard Clark
Mrs. Barbara Couchenou
Mrs. Eloise Crain
Mr. George C. Dyson
Mrs. Ruby Dyson
Mr. Danny Fluhart
Mrs. Ann Gibson
Mr. Joseph Glove
Mrs. Mary C. Hasemier
Miss Eleanor Higdon
Mr. Water B. Huber, Jr.
Mr. Eugene Jenkins, Jr.
Mr. Charles G. LaHood, Jr.
Mrs. Margaret Langley
Mr. Michael J. Mazzeo, Jr.
Mr. Gilbert Milstead
Mr. Spencer Milstead
Mr. John Hanson Mitchell|
Mrs. Marcia Monaco
Mrs. Velva Perrygo
Mr. Watson Perrygo
Mrs. Betty Rowe
Mrs. Susan Shaffer
Mrs. Rosemary Stewart
Miss Elinore K. Warren
Mr. W. Preston Williams
Mrs. Dorothy Wilson
Mrs. Anita Wood


Cemeteries transcribed by the Historical Society of Charles County

1978 to 1986

Bragunier and Compton Graves, Pisgah
Brawner and Penn Graves at “Harwood”, Port Tobacco
Brice Chapel Cemetery, Waldorf
Calvary United Methodist, Oakland Church Cemetery, Waldorf
Christ Episcopal Church Cemetery, Wayside
Contee and Clerklee Graves at “Bromont”, Mt. Victoria
Cooksey, Dent, Sanders Graves, Denstville
Cooksey, Dent, Sanders Graves, Dentsville
Crain Cemetery at “Mt. Victoria”, Mt. Victoria
Cropley, McPherson Graves, Nanjemoy
Dent and Lawson Graves at “Dent’s Inheritance”, Dentsville
Dent Graves at “Walnut Hill”, Riverside
Dent Graves at Gilbert Run, La Plata
Dent Graves, Nanjemoy
Dent, Trueman Graves at “Dent’s Level”, Pomonkey
Durham Episcopal Church Cemetery, Ironsides
Eilbeck Graves, Bryans Road
Emory Chapel Methodist Church Cemetery, Nanjemoy
Fowke and Wills Graves at “Gunston”, Welcome
Franklin Cemetery, Pisgah
Friends Cemetery, Hughesville
Gilroy Cemetery, Doncaster
Good Hope Baptist church Cemetery, Newburg
Grabb Cemetery, Patuxent City
Haislip Grave Rison
Hancock Cemetery, Nanjemoy
Harris and Claggett Graves at “Hard Bargain”, Mt. Victoria
Harris and Hungerford Graves at “Waverly”, Wayside
Harris Cemetery at “Mt. Tirzah”, Tompkinsville
Holy Ghost Roman Catholic Church Cemetery, Issu
La Plata United Methodist Church Cemetery, Dentsville
Lee Graves, Newburg
Maddox Grave at “Araby”, Mason Spring
Marbury Baptist Church Cemetery, Marbury
McDaniel Cemetery, Pomfre
Millar Cemetery at “Walnut Landing”, Riverside
Mount Rest Cemetery, La Plata
Nanjemoy Baptist Church Cemetery, Nanjemoy
Naylor Cemetery, Malcolm
Nazarene Church Cemetery, Pisgah
Norman Graves, Nanjemoy
Park Hill Cemetery, Marbury
Pisgah Methodist Church Cemetery, Pisgah
Pleasant Grove Cemetery, Marbury
Pomonkey Metropolitan Church Cemetery, Pomonkey
Price Graves, Nanjemoy
Rison Cemetery, Nanjemoy
Robertson and Stone Graves at “Equality”, Bel Alton
Sacred Heart Church Cemetery, La Plata
Skinner Cemetery, Doncaster
Smith Chapel United Methodist Church Cemetery, Pisgah
St. Catherine’s Catholic Church Cemetery, McConchie
St. Charles Catholic Church Cemetery, Glymont
St. Ignatius Catholic Church Cemetery, Chapel Point
St. Ignatius Catholic Church Cemetery, Hilltop
St. John’s Episcopal church Cemetery, Pomonkey
St. Mary’s Church Cemetery, Newport
St. Paul’s Episcopal Church Cemetery, Waldorf
Stoddert Cemetery at “West Hatton”, Mt. Victoria
Thompson Grave, Ironsides
Townshend Grave, Malcolm
Trinity Church Cemetery, Newport
Trinity Memorial Gardens, Waldorf
Tubman Cemetery, Pomfret
Watson Grave at Greenwood Farm, Pisgah
Wills Cemetery at “Preference”, La Plata
Zion Wesley United Methodist Church Cemetery, Waldorf


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